Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween Part 2

The next day, there were yet more Halloween/Fall festivals in town. We understand that there may not be that many more "wide eyed wonder" years of Halloween left for the little boy, and so while he still finds so much glee in it, we thought we would do our best. :)
 photo 20_zpsac51447d.jpg
On this day, he decided he wanted to be a cowboy. So, we dressed him up in the shirt he wore to church, slapped on a pair of shorts ( warm weather, hoy ), a dollar vest from Dollar Tree, Mommy's bandanna and Daddy's straw hat.
 photo 22_zpsfbe91bcf.jpg
The 3 churches downtown were having a joint celebration, so that's where we headed first. Jaxon is quite familiar with that part of town because of going to the library every week.

 photo 24_zpsb45454d5.jpg
It made me happy when the ladies/men complimented him on his costume, and he would look so proud :)
 photo 21_zps5df4293b.jpg
There were hot dogs and popcorn and even snow cones!
 photo 23_zps2ef66fff.jpg
Yes, he still stuffs popcorn into his mouth a handful at a time, like a little boy would, and then laughs that he did it. :)
 photo 26_zpsdb8bbd10.jpg
Even though the thrill of getting candy was very much a part of the experience, the little boy isn't really a big candy eater.
 photo 25_zps5b1e75f3.jpg
I put away all the candy after we got home, and he hasn't asked for any of them, and it has been about 3 weeks now! Usually I'm the one who sneaks one or two pieces of candy here or there *BLEH*

Then it was off to Trinity Baptist for the next round of games and trick o' treating.
 photo 27_zps0767f4c5.jpg
As usual, the little boy was way more interested in the playground than Halloweening :)
 photo 28_zpsf446b9bc.jpg

to be continued....

Halloween Part 1 Cont'd

We weren't done with the day yet, even after we got back from the Zoo.

We rested for a bit, did a costume changeroo ( well, into a Halloween T-shirt ), and went to Safety City to do the rounds.  I think it was as exciting for the hubs and myself because we had never been into the Safety City compound before.  All those miniature buildings and streets were pretty quaint.
 photo 13_zpsc732f474.jpg
 photo 14_zps52ce7c53.jpg
AND they had the first of many bouncy castles to come....
 photo 15_zps8c9fbafa.jpg
After that, we drove over to Mamo's church, where they were having a grand Fall Festival. We got to catch up with Mike and Stephanie and the kids there.
 photo 16_zpse4d1b7ef.jpg
Jaxon recognized where it was, as being Mamo's church where we would gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other family get-togethers. photo 17_zps4c126415.jpg
There were games galore, and the little boy wanted to do just about all of them.
 photo 18_zps4a8bdbb2.jpg
I don't blame him. They looked awfully fun.
 photo 19_zpsdd6be3ae.jpg
Part 2 coming soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween Part 1

Like last year, instead of Halloween Day, it was like, Halloween fortnight. We went out on like, 4 different occasions, ( many of those were to more than 1 location ), and 4 different costumes.

So, here we have,

Halloween Part 1 Boo at the Zoo

We had bought a Captain America outfit for the little boy about a month before, and he had had some fun wearing it around the house several times.  However, on Boo at the Zoo day, the weather was quite warm, and NOT Captain-America-Suit type of temperatures.  So, we went with what we had on hand.
 photo 2_zps49af61b0.jpg
When Halloween costumes were first available for the season at Dollar Tree, we went and got a wide gamut of stuff for dress up fun at home.  So, we decided on Commando/Safari Explorer.
 photo 3_zps05e8ee37.jpg
As usual, the Zoo was packed.  We had gotten our tickets several days before, and didn't have to go through THAT line.  But once you entered the zoo, the line for candy/treats was crazy. We skipped a bunch, as you can tell.
 photo 4_zps326b3b08.jpg
For the kids, it may be candy, but for me, it is seeing all these little ones in their costumes and going, "AWWWWWWW".  The little boy went around complimenting other children on their costumes. :)
 photo 6_zps3129f4b4.jpg
We managed to stop by to see some of the animals, of course.
 photo 9_zps18ac9084.jpg
 photo 5_zpsd5518e3e.jpg
 photo 8_zps1bbddb25.jpg
 photo 7_zps1a84a534.jpg
We also stopped by one of the hub's favorite spots in the zoo, i.e the fake beach, and I was glad for the shade that they had put up.
 photo 10_zpsde3a2e8b.jpg
We didn't stop to join the costume contests,
 photo 11_zps74609280.jpg
but the little boy did get a chance to climb into a Fire Truck :) at the end.
 photo 12_zpsb6b985ae.jpg

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Food in Macro

It's been a long time since I've posted any food pics.

Maybe because it is so humdrum and mundane, or maybe because there aren't any Letti Thursdays anymore. I don't know, for certain.

But, I think I'm in a rut as far as food preparation goes. Everyday, I don't even know what I will cook until it is time too actually go cook.

Maybe this will reignite some of the enthusiasm.

This is actually breakfast from a few weeks ago.

The little boy and daddy had eggs, hash browns, bacon and homemade cinnamon rolls, and mommy had porridge.

Homemade cinnamon rolls right out of the oven
 photo DSC_0119_zps071bcee3.jpg

Homemade glaze made with Splenda
 photo DSC_0125-001_zpsf80ac4b7.jpg

Mini chocolate chip rolls for the little boy
 photo DSC_0124-001_zpse01d75b2.jpg

Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and hash browns for the little boy
 photo DSC_0146-001_zpsee1c7c09.jpg

Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, bell peppers and scallions for daddy
 photo DSC_0143-001_zpscee1fddd.jpg

Turkey Bacon for the boys
 photo DSC_0147-001_zps6f54c81c.jpg

Rice porridge with egg and scallions for mommy.   ( I know, my Asian is showing )
 photo DSC_0153-001_zps15091bfb.jpg

Here's another meal that managed to get chronicled.  

Stir Fried Hoisin Chicken with vegetables

 photo P1050053_zps7297f65d.jpg

Green Beans and Shrimp Stir Fry
 photo P1050048_zps76441941.jpg

Sunday, November 09, 2014

We were at the right place at the right time

I still can't believe that we saw this in the sky yesterday night while driving home from Sam's. It was pretty crazy.  I have to admit that for a fleeting moment, my mind went "ELE".

Here's the CNN report.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

It is almost just about healed...

THIS is the reason why I had tennis elbow for the longest time.

 photo IMG_20141002_195357_442-1_zps9ea50120.jpg

 photo IMG_20141002_194606_206-1_zpsf255f078.jpg

I LOVE this, though.